this one is cute

This is my daughter Joy. She is now 11. When Joy was 2yrs old, @therealnewtonmaina and I welcomed her sister Journey into the family when an aunt visiting from New Jersey in Joy’s hearing exclaimed. “This one is cute!” As she picked up the brand new baby. Nine years later, I am still enraged by the type of careless words people utter about children (even when they are not my own).

Fortunately, my daughter has in her corner a lioness for a mother, who is dangerous and fully awake. I listen very keenly at what is said about kids in my hearing and will not hesitate to stop you in your tracks when irresponsible words are being spoken over a child. One thing I love about 2020 is that Joy has been able to digital learn from home this school year, which means my personal library has been her own. I have enjoyed watching her check-out one book after another and read them from start to finish. Books that are affirming her, making her wise, and also equipping her on how to deal with the world around her as it relates to her identity and self-image. She is a gifted straight-A student, she is incredibly creative, and YES, she is beautiful. But it is my job as her mom to ensure that she KNOWS that.

The 4 easiest ways to protect a child’s self-image are (a) daily affirmations, (b) a solid biblical foundation (c) our unconditional love (d) quality reading. These 4 are within our reach.

A negative self-image can paralyze even a fairly solid adult. How much more our young people who are under equipped to manage their own mental health!?

NOTE: As we approach 2021 you are welcome to download our “23 Daily Affirmations for Kids and Teens” (great for adults as well 😊). Print them. Laminate them. And use them daily. And refuse to allow anyone to diminish, weaken, or lessen the value you carry as God’s image bearer.

Happy New Year!!

For HIS glory, Journey well.

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