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WEMA - The Church at Work

Newton and Marlene Maina have been full time hybrid professionals called to the ministry (for over two decades) who understand the challenges as well as the amazing opportunity on the table for believers who want to bring their faith into the marketplace.

The church is at church every opportunity it gets—and rightfully so! The church needs renewal, and much needed strengthening to be empowered to fulfill its primary mission. But once empowered, that transaction remains forever incomplete, unless the church finds a way to become A C T I V E L Y involved in the things God has explicitly spelled out as F I R S T things.

JosiahJude is providing a solution to the Kingdom Professional who knows that ministry is not assigned to the pulpit or missionaries, but to ALL the recipients of salvation, who have been called according to God’s own purpose.

Our faith must come to work! (pun intended)

There is a joyful intersection where working professionals can begin to plug into the ministry that God has explicitly spelled out as F I R S T things!  The word Wema means (Goodness) in Swahili, just like the word Simba means (Lion).

JosiahJude will mobilize the believing church to do good outside the four walls—by bringing to the working professionals opportunities of service that weigh heavily upon the heart of God and many times go neglected. This is work that can still be done (while working a 9-5; behind a computer desk).

There are things for example in Isaiah that God lays heavily upon Israel that cannot precede their breakthroughs in prayer, even when accompanied by fasting (until) they have F I R S T attended to them:

  1. Loose the bonds of wickedness
  2. Visit the orphans and widows in their affliction
  3. Undo the heavy burdens
  4. Break every yoke and let the oppressed go free
  5. Share your bread with the hungry
  6. Bring to your house the poor who are cast out
  7. When you see the naked, cover him
  8. Do not hide yourself from your own flesh
  9. Do not oppress the poor; do not crush the needy
  10. Take away the pointing of the finger from your midst
  11. Take away the speaking of wickedness
  12. Extend your soul to the hungry
  13. Build my house, so that I may take pleasure in it and be honored
  14. Satisfy the afflicted soul
  15. Turn away your foot from doing your own way on the Sabbath
  16. Call the Sabbath a delight (holy & honorable)
  17. Honor the LORD, not your own ways
  18. Honor the LORD, speak His words—not your own

The church has the message God wants demonstrated and preached outside its four walls.  The church also has MASSIVE resources—especially that it is empowered by the Holy Spirit to do what would be otherwise impossible.

Think about it, why did God anoint Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power?

How God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power: who went about doing good, and healing all that were oppressed of the devil; for God was with him

 (Acts 10:38)

Has God any good reason why He should anoint you with power?! Plug into doing what is good (where good is desperately needed—and see if your faith and actions do not put a demand for an open heaven to back-up what you are doing).

We don’t have to wait till Saturday morning to knock on the door of an exhausted executive with a track about Jesus. Our coworkers who receive the news of deep tragedies of a child drowning, a fatal car wreck, an overdose, cancer, divorce, job eliminations, or complicated life situations too hard to articulate may never set foot inside a church. And that’s no problem, because YOU are the church–and you are the work; where we do good! (wema)

JosiahJude has tasked itself with the mission of mobilizing kingdom professionals to bring the cross of Christ into the marketplace—to do what God deems of 1st and utmost importance because this will in fact contribute to the ultimate good, and that is to save the souls of the lost.

thank goodness | the church is at work


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