Swept to heaven unhurt by death — He stood alone, but not long before Christ stood with him on the Transfiguration Mount

CREDIT | F.B. Meyer on Elijah

For more than a hundred years the tide had been running strongly against the truth of God. Idolatry had passed from the worship of Jeroboam’s calves to that of Baal and Astarte, with the licentious orgies and hideous rites which gathered around the ancient worship of the forces of nature.

The system was maintained by an immense organization of crafty priests who had settled down upon the national life like a fungus growth, striking its roots into the heart.

The court was in its favor: the throne was occupied by an effeminate man, the weak tool of his unscrupulous, deceitful wife–the original Jezebel of history. Jehovah’s altars were thrown down; His prophets silenced and in hiding; His faithful worshipers a mere handful whose existence was so secret as to be known only to Him. The lamp of truth had been overturned; and there was only a tiny spark of light feebly burning, to show where once the light of the true religion brightly shone.

Into such a state of things Elijah came, unarmed, from his native trans-Jordanic hills; a highlander; unkempt, unpolished; unaccustomed to the manners of a court, or the learning of the schools.

Hence a man weak where we are weak; tempted where we are tempted; of like passions with ourselves. And at once the tide began to turn. The progress of idolatry received a decisive check.

The existence and power of Jehovah were vindicated. New courage was infused into the timid remnant of true-hearted disciples. Altars were rebuilt; colleges were opened for the training of the godly youth; a successor was appointed; and an impetus (momentum) given to the cause of truth which was felt for many generations.

Perhaps the greatest tribute to Elijah’s power with his contemporaries is in the fact that his name and work stood out in bold and clear outline for nine hundred years after his death–furnishing a model with which to set forth the power and courage of the forerunner of our LORD.

The year is 2020. We are back to this very moment my reader. The tide is running strongly against the truth of God in our generation. The church is settled like a fungus breaking alliances with the LIVING God, and forming them with worldly systems that encourage and strengthen the arm of the wicked. Shall we avail ourselves to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with power for God’s fire and use?

For HIS glory!

Journey well.

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