This is a year of birth-pain.

The dawning of a NEW awakening.


Prosperity; that you may be thoughtful and enrich those around you!

Peace; that you may bring hope where you go!

Protection; that you may be protective of others!

Provision; that you may be the answer to someone’s need!

Patience; that you may promote understanding and unity!

Power; that you may fight for the weak!

Productivity; that you may serve!

Prayer; that you may stay connected to your own source of life –God!

Perseverance; that you may live to see God’s promise(s) come to pass!

Passion; that you may play full out and come alive to why you are here!

Prudence; that you may exercise wisdom, discretion and good judgement in all your dealings!

Playfulness; that you will be focused but kind, serious, but not grim! That you will carry a (yes) face and a sweet spirit!

For HIS glory!

Journey well.

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