This post is for that one person torn between what is and what could be. Complacent and comfortable with the way things are in your own personal life, but unable to ignore the ache that speaks to what life could be like (if) only if you fully added God’s will for your life into the equation. My dearest friend, God does respond to EVERY generation! From Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, David, Daniel, Debra, Jeremiah and Isaiah—God has ALWAYS responded to every generation. And yes, His eye has been on you, the ONE. I see a lot of good in you. I also sense an inner civil war. You’ve taken a seat, you’ve turned back, again and again. Courage flees. But He is relentless. You sense HIM. The Hound of Heaven. He chases. YOU. And He won’t relent. How long will you make HIM wait?

  • God always preserves a hero for every generation
  • Our young people want mentoring
  • Won’t you step up and step out to be the one?
  • The hero leads us through hard times
  • They challenge what is wrong
  • They invest in others
  • They fight for justice
  • They serve their communities
  • They value connections
  • They roll up their sleeves
  • They speak to the storms
  • They push back evil
  • They fight for the vulnerable
  • They offer solutions
  • They offer direction
  • They restore hope

You with the restless soul. God does respond to every generation. I pray you will have the courage this time, to do what you have imagined only 500 times, but felt you couldn’t. Bring back His glory and joy to a generation that so desperately awaits you. An answer!

For HIS glory!

Journey well.

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